Printable Kit May 2020

Its almost May, although it is a strange time with all the restrictions it also flies by, at least for me. When I look outside everything in nature is green again and trees and flowers are blooming! Let's just try to enjoy what we can and don't think to much about the future. Grow & … Continue reading Printable Kit May 2020


Do you have the feeling that time stands still? Somehow I have more time, but do I really do more: no. I am still adapting to the new situation. And although I normally handle changes very well, it now takes a bit more.So when I feel restless and lethargic, I just try to do things … Continue reading NO FEAR


always nice to start a Blog positive, especially now a little positivity is very much needed. Because my two weekly Biblejournaling workshops are not happening for the time being, as a small surprise I have made a printable (sheets) for the participants and other interested parties. The set that you can download consists of 6 … Continue reading Surprise!

Give me wisdom

The wisdom not to say something, to react from kindness. To react from faith and goodness rather than in fear or anger.Wisdom is the theme for next week (7) Biblejournaling, we are going to make something fun, new, something useful …. curious? Feel free to contact me. CONTACT ME